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    Quote Originally Posted by andyt1999 View Post
    Focus From TeerukLover

    Looks: 9/10 exact same girl as pic, very pretty and sweet young thing
    Boobs: 9/10 B cup boobies. nice pair of handful boobs
    Kissing: light pecks on cheeks. no tongue fight. maybe my mouth smelly
    Autoroam: sensual catbath with tingling feeling. soft tongue great feel thou.
    Pussy: 8.5/10 fingering and painting allowed. natural wet.
    Bbbj: 8.5/10 wet and lots of tongue action and sucking.
    FJ: 8.5/10 willing to do several postions very accomodating. Sexy moans and face expression makes me feels like cumming but i hold it there. she got a nice butt for doggy by the way.
    Massage: 8.5/10 She provide great massage. not too strengthful and not too soft. just nice for me
    GFE: 9/10 A really chatty girl and her english is moderate. this is her 2nd time to sg and her first time was under other stable.

    I hope my FR would help bros here to make a better decision in making a choice. saw the other 2 girls Noi and Sai as well. Same as pic advertised and cheers to OKT for using live pics and his friendly & chatty attitude. Shall not mention much bros try for yourself and you will know what i mean.
    Thank You For Your FR For Focus. ^_^
    Bro SK.

    Quote Originally Posted by Icer View Post
    SAI - TRL

    Looks : Same person as advertised but abit more tanned
    Boobs : Enhanced D
    Body : very nice sexy curve body with meaty nice butt ( the piak piak sounds can makes u fly )
    GFE : Understandable Eng, very willing to accommodate and hardworking gem
    BBBJ : right suction and good tongue actions
    FJ : was like having a sex stamina race with her.... willing to go for different positions and can feel her totally wet while she was riding on top of me. Non stop actions throughout leaving 2 of us perspiring and panty at the end. Her light but seductive moans and the way she looks while she is riding is a +++++ point for the whole FJ.

    Quite satisfying overall service from her and confirm is a rtf option.
    Thank You For The FR On Sai. ^_^
    Bro SK.

    Quote Originally Posted by kempfen View Post
    had a session with Sai from TRL

    thanks bro sk for the arrangement. very responsive and friendly.

    looks: have a pretty face that will grow on you
    body: curvy with nice smooth skin though tanned. a bit of tummy and some tattoos (doesn't bother me)
    boobs: dont know what the sizes are but they look huge to me
    bbbj: one of the better ones i've had. great sucking action going on and she knows how to use her tongue.

    used up my 1 shot on bbbj so no comment on fj. Sai is a hardworking girl so treat her well and i'm sure she will do her best.
    Thank You For Your FR On Sai. ^_^
    Bro SK.

    Quote Originally Posted by siamkia49 View Post
    Focus - TRL

    looks as advertised and she works as a b2b masseur back home so her massage is of pro level.
    Thank You For Your FR On Focus. ^_^
    Bro SK.

    Quote Originally Posted by JonTanWei View Post
    Recently tried Sai from Teeruk TRL. First time with this stable. Easy to make arrangements with OKT.

    Location: Discreet and convenient, easy to find. Shared detached bathroom, comfortable room a decent size.

    Sai: 80% like photos, pretty face. Tall and womanly body, not skinny. Bit of tummy. Tanner than photos. Tattoo on stomach, wears braces. BMI 22 according to that chart. Probably heavier than stated 48kg (I would guess 55 kg) but by no means unattractive. Unshaven but I think trimmed.

    Boobs: Enhanced Cs, nice and soft though, great shape and nice to watch and grab in cowgirl or when she's over you BBBJing

    Painting and fingering: Excellent, she's very responsive to the things different things you do and in a completely natural way. Not fake or theatrical like some ladies which is a turn off. If you do the slightest thing differently she actually responds immediately vocally and with her movements to it, so you know she feels it. Nice and wet with just 10 minutes of foreplay. No lube needed. No smell and no taste - strange cos most ladies even with no smell, taste slightly salty.

    BBBJ: Very good even though she has braces. If you give her an instruction she will do it until she's tired and she has great endurance. I had to stop her because I was worried she would get tired. She has a great tongue and uses it well. Later on CIM and she swallowed as per request. That was great except she stopped sucking slightly too early so the last spasm was frustrating vs the 4 or 5 before which felt like heaven.

    FJ: Cowgirl is great, doesn't just grind like some girls. Instead bounces up and down which sets up nice motion for those wonderful boobs. Doggy was great too cos of meaty ass and thighs the motion is very comfortable and assisted by bounce in a way. Missionary really good too because you can really pound away comfortably. Her body feels great underneath you and you can feel all her curves especially her boobs. She's not like some girls that are visually super hot but bit too far on the skinny side such that it feels like you're laying over and fucking cardboard.

    Only downside for me was slight smell in breath detected from right at the start of session, despite taking first slot of the day, so skipped frenching altogether. I don't blame her though because braces are really difficult to keep clean. I had them when I was a kid.

    She's soft and gentle natured, soft spoken, chatty and hardworking. Her story about life back home is very sad and makes one grateful for what one has. Did double session with her and tipped. RTF no because I'm away on a long trip over the holidays.
    Thank You For Your FR On Sai. ^_^
    Bro SK.

    Quote Originally Posted by husker View Post
    Writing FR for Noi from TeerukLover as promised to Bro SK

    Not your typical girl seen in Dome 1, best described as cute and chubby
    This one is a 100% case of "One man's meat is another man's poison", so look elsewhere if you're looking for a supermodel.
    Looks closer to second photo, very cute round face with slight blemishes. Curvy, meaty body but no boobs. I estimate 22-23 BMI. More cushion for the pushin'

    What sets her apart is her top-notch attitude and great grasp of English, which makes chemistry very easy and natural. Right from the beginning, teased me by flicking up her dress to show nothing underneath. Very playful and sounds like she really, really enjoys sex. Frenching came naturally with us.

    If any bro is tired of slim and boring young ladies or jaded MILFs with bolt-ons, and is interested in a less conventional experience, she's the one.

    Shoutout to Bro SK for informing me upfront she's "a bit ba ba" when I asked for availability. Felt comfortable gambling with the one-shot price and didn't regret it. You're one of the good ones.

    P.S. Buy new mattress pls. The springs very hard on my old-man knees LOL

    Thank You For Your FR On Noi. ^_^
    Bro SK.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sammyboykohan View Post
    Trl focus
    Pic is cfm her, just more chubby though.
    Discreet location.
    Very good bonk and she is friendly.
    Manager is good, responsive and friendly too!

    Will rtf this stable
    Thank You For The FR On Focus. ^_^
    Bro SK.

    Quote Originally Posted by Sammyboykohan View Post
    TRL focus
    Discreet location
    Pic 100% her, just more chubby.
    Manager friendly responsive
    She is good too, worth a try.
    Great bonk overall.
    Will rtf this stable
    Thank You For Your FR On Focus. ^_^
    Bro SK.

    Quote Originally Posted by onemore View Post
    Visited Noi from Teeruk Lovers last weekend.

    Kudos to OKT. I had to change the timing and duration last minute (earlier and shorter) and he was not at all upset. I even offered to pay for 1.5hrs but he insisted I need not. I will be supporting him as long as vitamin M permits.

    As for the girl, Noi is very friendly and she is very accommodating. She mentioned she works in a Japanese massage place in Bangkok but due to time constraint, I only managed to get a BBBJ, AR and a quick fuck. All of which was satisfying. She is not for a boobs lover. And she is on the 'Bah' side.

    Thank You For Your FR On Noi. ^_^
    Bro SK.

    Quote Originally Posted by Lukcas View Post
    Noi from Teeruklover

    First time writing Fr. My experience may not be the same as yours. I write this solely on the experience I got from her service.

    Made booking 06/12/16.
    Bro SK responsive OKT. Place not too bad with shared bathroom.

    Looks: Fair skin with minimal make up. Cute as when she smile, you can see her dimple.
    Body: To some maybe a little 'ba' but to me just nice. Good for hugging and cuddling.
    Boob: not for boob lover
    Kissing: passionate kisses with tongue play but not those aggressive frenching.
    Catbath: Give a good catbath but it isn't really my thing.
    Nipples: Super sensitive. Just 'tuning the radio', she gets high.
    Painting/fingering: The best part for me. She helped to expose the clitoris for me. Just licking her nips and rubbing the clit gets her turned on. Made her cum.
    Deed: Well lubricated from the fingering and painting. Like one of the bro mention, I think she like the FJ. Every thrust I pump, i can see her 'feeling high' expression that makes me want to keep pumping her. Moaning were good. Asked if it's painful, she said it feels good. Even more I want to thrust her.
    CIM: Didn't try as it's isn't my thing.
    GFE: Good. English not that bad as her work back in BKK requires her to talk in English.

    RTF: Yes for me. Seeing her enjoy my every thrust just made the sexperience even more enjoyable for me. Oh ya, she told me she actually wanted to cum together with me.. I would recommend a bro to give her a try.

    P.s. If you're visiting, bring her some food. She only has instant noodle and sardine to eat just now.
    Thank You For Your FR On Noi. ^_^
    Bro SK.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tenggiri View Post
    Yesterday i had AUI first blood from TRL. Actually she calls herself AHLIN but cut to the chase, this 24-25yo lady's looks are above ave. and body chinese fair /smooth even tho she is of Isaan origin.

    There's a tinge of nervousness about her, which is not all a bad thing cos it shows she's quite fresh to the dark side of life lol. Further confirmed by her unblemished body and pink pussy lips. Totally edible! She was also apprenhensive about being eaten at first but i don't give in easy and i got to paint that sensitive pink puss till she went limp and came a mighty orgas.

    Anyways FJ was pretty much making out with a GND type but this time her legs came and instinctively locked mine in the missionary pose. Moans were natural but frenching was minimal.

    Looks: 8/10 Almost to the point of her left most pic on her thread.
    Body: 8.5/10 Medium size. Fair, smooth and natural. One small tattoo on shoulder blade.
    Boob: B cups. Shiok to knead.
    Bbbj: 7.5/10 Lips tightly wrapped around but half throat only. Room for improvement.
    Paint: 9/10 Ref above.
    FJ: 9/10 Wet but tight and she is sensitive. See her natural instinct and hear her sound when first inserting was great.
    Gfe: 8/10 Takes good care of me but i would say its not the KC type of gal.
    Place: Good, easy to find with car park and plenty makan below. But only one bath room.

    PS. My 2cents about the pay first before service controversy is, it is not the girls' choice to collect payment beforehand so do not take it out on them. This policy was implemented by okts some time back when there was a rise in non payment cases by some totally shameless fellows. Some let the lady go toilet after fucking her and vanish after that and some say go ATM but never return of course. Given a choice, 9 of 10 girls would rather collect at end of session cos thats the norm back in LOS.
    Thank You For The FR On Aui. ^_^
    Bro SK.

    Quote Originally Posted by huatzaiya88 View Post
    Today tried Rin from TEERUKLOVER thanks bro sk for bringing in good girls

    Age 21
    Looks 8/10 ( cute and slowly grow on you, exactly look like the pic)
    Boobs: not for boob lovers
    Bbbj: 8/10
    Kissing: very passionate and keep frenching
    Fingering: allowed
    Painting: allowed, she hit multiple orgasms, can rly see she is enjoying it
    Fj: wet, very very wet and responsive
    CIM: didn't try
    Gfe: 11/10 Basic command of English is not bad able to converse

    Rtf: DEFINITELY recommended to all Bros to try this SYT
    Thank You For The FR On Rin. ^_^.
    Bro SK.

    Quote Originally Posted by kjames View Post
    An overdue short FR for Aui of TRL.

    Looks - cute with short hair n bubbly
    Attitude - good but green in this field.
    Body - should be b cup,body nice to hug
    Services - not bad, accommodating and hardworking
    Manager - bro SK is patient even though there is a few hiccups on my side. Thanks bro SK

    Bros who wish to book may consider buying some food for the girls.
    Thank You For The FR On Aui.
    Bro SK.

    Quote Originally Posted by Y.E.S View Post
    Booked Aui Teeruklover 2 days back

    Looks - Same person as pic, light make up as in pic. What i deemed as LIVE PICS.
    Boobs - Big B natural cupper. Nice handful pair of boobs to grope.
    Body - Fair skin and slim body. No tummy fat at all. 1 small tattoo at shoulder area.
    Kissing - Frenching allowed and is quite into it as well. plus point for this.
    Catbath - soft tongue which will make u tingle and BBBJ is good for me with balls licking. suction and lollipop sound effect.
    Pussy - pink meat pussy which loves being eaten and damn wet till orgasm. she loves being licked.

    Fuckjob - started off with missionary and french during sex and changed several positions throughout 1st set. willing and horny CFM face and sexy moans which makes me settle 1st set within 15mins of intense pumping.

    CIM - 2nd set ended with CIM as i told her i was out of stamina after 1st set. Too long nv come out play and stamina not there anymore. Nontheless, everything was good and after 1st set we went to shower and i actually nap-ed for a good 10mins before she started stroking my dick and we started with slow frenching and catbath before the actual 2nd set of BBBJ cum CIM deed was done. BBBJ suction was good and therefore i told her i wanted CIM instead of FJ for 2nd shot.
    even thou she wants FJ and i just fingered and lick through 2nd set on a 69 position. she jerked too and it's dripping. saliva or juice u guys decide.

    GFE - English basic+ i would say and she really takes good care of me during the 90min session. Always putting on a smile on her side and would say she is the RTF material type.

    OKT Bro SK responsive and confirmed the time slot after few msgs. Thanks and will re-visit before Aui retutns to LOS
    Thank You For The FR On Aui.

    Quote Originally Posted by msgsolid View Post
    Today free and it's been a long time since I chiong FL. After reading this FR, buay tahan straight away went to book.

    Don't think need to elaborate further and I'm also not good at writing FR. Just want to say she's very good attitude and accommodating.

    I saw AMP. Definitely a SYT, pretty, slim and very fair like local chinese. She's my prefer type but so far no FR for her.
    Thank You For The FR On Aui. ^_^
    Bro SK.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Destruction View Post
    Amp from TRL

    Looks: Same girl as advertised. Very sweet girl GND type.

    Skin: Fair white skin like china girl type with smooth skin texture.

    Boobs: Small B's. just nice for her slim skinny body

    Body: I mentioned she is skinny. No tummy fats. Those average sg girl body type. stats are accurate as advertised.

    Frenching: Yes she allows frenching and is those soft frenching to mild intense when aroused. very great feel on this part.

    Catbath: Starts by licking your neck after frenching and den down south will ripple with your nipples for a short while before BBBJ. sort of half dragon service.

    BBBJ: Slurping BBBJ with balls licking enough to make you feel 'high'. great suction and tongue action while sucking. Thumbs up on this part.

    Pussy: Natural 'quite' wet pussy with no smell. not much of fingering action as i personally do not really like fingering but prefer licking instead. While licking her clit and you can hear soft moans and mild jerks being felt after few mins of tongue action.

    FJ: Started off in cowgirl initiated by her i think she is those quite horny type of girl as i think she gets turn-on quite easily and she rides so damn well man. changed several positions and after like 20 - 30mins of bed action i unloaded my first load onto her. She is 1 girl that i would like to give my max performance as he is horny and i hope to complete my mission by making her satisfied. she was gasping for breath after 1st round as she told me she 'finished' 3 times. We both showered after that as i was in sweat like i ran 4.8km just come back. Back to room was a relaxing massage by her and we chit chat a bit and hug then french and i told her my legs was jelly and opted for CIM instead for 2nd round and she handled it pretty well. she actually took me by surprise by putting on a CD and rode on me telling me 'i want'. rode for a good 5 mins and back to BBBJ and CIM-ED, unloaded my 2nd shot into her mouth.

    She deserves a title from me - BBBJ Queen and Cowgirl Riding Queen. Great attitude and GFE and not forgetting her high level of horniness. Speak basic english and she took the whole session very well. 90mins well spent and thanks to Bro SK for making this possible. Thumbs up for the genuine stats and live photos advertised. Please keep bringing in this kind of gems.

    RTF: What do you guys think? I think based on the Dome1 standard now, This is the best experience i had so far.

    Saw Rin before session and Aui after session. Both looks good and nice as well. Same as pics and i think pics advertised does not do them enough justice.
    Thank You For The FR On Amp. ^_^
    Bro SK.

    Quote Originally Posted by Queeflotte View Post
    Conducted recce on Amp today.

    Thank you Bro SK for arranging.
    Even tho I was late bro SK just say try to stick as close to original timing as possible.

    Location: Central, got parking around for bros who drive. For bros taking public transport it's not so near to MRT, need to bus from nearest mrt.

    Went up, knock on the door and Amp open for me.
    Face resemble pic, but she didn't put make up I think. She's fair but in pics looks better.
    Body wise she's skinny, not for boob lovers. Got a bush below.
    Proceed to shower. Mostly SOP although she did take extra care of 2IC. Soaped thoroughly.

    Back in the room, lay on bed and straight away cat bath begin.
    Cat bath was shiok, that solid tongue of hers got me aroused fast.
    Proceed to BBBJ. Using her tongue power she continue to catbath the 2IC before engulfing the whole 2IC. Even while inside her mouth also can feel her tongue at work, taking care of 2IC head with slurp sounds. Shortly after, 2IC couldn't take it and ND first round in her mouth.

    Proceeded to clean up and as it was quite fast, AMP asked if I wanna go for 2nd shot straightaway.

    We tried. But I think I was too tired. Or maybe need more training. Managed to let her work her tongue magic and she ride me for awhile. She rode me hard and fast and I could feel that she's tight. Didn't even use KY. But 2IC couldn't perform anymore so we stopped
    She then offered to massage which was quite relaxing. Fell asleep and then she woke me up when times up. Showered, paid up and left.

    I felt she was hardworking and trying her best to please. Abit lack of chemistry with AMP, plus I was tired, so session didn't go as well as previous sessions.

    Her BJ was solid. Maybe I should follow bro wpns, go for 2x CIM missions.

    A for effort, I hope bros who visit her will take good care of her and maybe get more out of the session than I did.

    P.S. While in the AO I noticed Rin and Aui and they look very much like their pics. Probably gonna target Aui next :P


    Body:Skinny, fair skinned
    Boobs: Small
    Cat bath Solid
    BBBJ Even more solid
    FJ She initiated with cowgirl, tight, wet, didn't need KY
    French & Paint: Didn't try
    Massage: more of relaxing than to rub aches away.
    Comms: Simple English.
    Thank You For The FR On Amp. ^_^
    Bro SK.

    Quote Originally Posted by voldermort View Post
    tried aui from TRL

    was easy to book thru bro SK. everything went smoothly. went for an afternoon slot since work ended early and it was a good bonk to keep me satisfied till the end of the day

    went up and met aui. she looked simple enough. pretty and nice short hair. pleasant and always smiling. mini tattoo on her shoulder back. sop shower and proceeded to the room to bonk.

    sop cat bath and proceeded with a simple bbbj before I took over the controls. capped and fucked her. moans were natural and she felt tight. she maintained eye contact with her cfm face and I came.

    after we washed up, she laid down beside me and started chatting. her English was quite decent. can have a conversation than than asked her to massage me. massage was quite good.didnt expect that haha. than she turned me over and teased a bit and once Mari kita she said let's fuck.

    bbbj was better during the second shot maybe cuz warm up alrdy after the chit chat. and she immediately told me to fuck her harder than the first round. and that's what I did and gave her in the many positions I could think off. hahahaha. upz zzzz

    body - slim. petite. fuck able
    bbbj - decent
    gfe - she talks well like her best fren and shares quite a lot of stuff
    FJ- good if u know how to take control. accommodating

    My advise is for those booking her. spend a bit of time break ice and warm up with her and ur session will be much much better
    Thank You For The FR On Aui.
    Bro SK.

    Quote Originally Posted by Bret View Post
    A FR for Rin from Teeruklover.com

    Face: Same girl as pic posted in forum, considerably fair with braces. pretty thai university girl look.
    Body: Skin tone similar same as 3rd pic posted. Slim body shape with the curves at the right place. pretty nice slender thighs there.
    Boobs: B cupper boobs just proportionate for her petite body.
    Shower: Shared toilet but she will lead u in and clean you like a king and would ask you to "clean" her as well. playful girl i like.
    Kissing: After drying up back in room and started with small pecks down to bed and frenching starts. a serious tongue fighter.
    Catbath: Very sensual catbath with some serious licking on nips all the way down to blow my lil bro.
    Pussy: Nice pink pussy with natural juices flowing. warm pussy nice to finger and lick. sensitive clit. Loves the way she reacts to it.
    BBBJ: Blowjob was good and sensual with kinda deep sucking and great tongue action and balls roaming and sucking in between.
    Action: Started off by frenching den inserted in missionary position. Very natural feel and no KY being used at all. Multiple positions done and willing to switch.
    GFE: Since during toilet showering i already knew this is gonna be a great session and indeed. I WAS RIGHT. Just dont fall into her KC trap will do. Great attitude.

    Summary: 1x FJ and 1x CIM done. 1st shot FJ. Frenching throughout the whole 1st shot and she has a nice ASS for doggy. so doggy lovers dont miss her. Cowgirl and reverse cowgirl was good as well. Sexy moans with bit lips face expression makes things accelerate even faster. she will grab her own tits or your arms when she is feeling climax so watch out guys. I can even feel her warm pussy even i'm with condom so imagine how tight she is and ya she is horny guys. Smiles and giggles were on her face when 1st shot ended and we proceeded to shower. She is those shy shy demure xmm type. Lay down on bed and she asked "massage"? i nodded and she started massaging me and nothing much to shout or complain but kinda relaxing but her naughty hands slowly went down on my lil bro and TADA, i erected and she started fondling below and lick my nips and naturally came the 2nd round. THOU she has braces but i can confirm that her BBBJ is not those teething type but rather i should say it's even better than some FL's that i have booked before without braces. She BBBJ and the feel was damn good till i told her not to stop and continue with this momentum till i cum and she replied with a blink. Simply fantastic. Now i know why nobody write FR for her, All want to keep for own use. SIMPLY ONE OF THE TOP GRADERS for overall.

    Thanks to Bro SK for the prompt replies and thanks for recommending Rin. Bro SK told me to try her saying her feedback by customers who booked her before say it's good. i decided to go ahead and yea, i left as a damn happy man. I will be back on Christmas eve to see her for the last time before she goes back.
    Thank You For The FR On Rin.
    Bro SK.

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    Quote Originally Posted by HilfanSgx View Post
    Christmas First Blood Session with Gigi of TeerukLover.

    First and foremost, kudos to OKT for contacting me to clear up a miscom between me, him and the girl. Very good service OKT wise.

    Location: Abit out of the way. Drivers will have a parking space nearby but for those taking public transport, did not notice any nearby bustops. Then again, the weather didn't really promote good visual ability. Also, bring a small umbrella. Just in case.

    Looks: WYSIWYG. To me, seductive and sultry. Malay minah type skin tone. For me I like darker skinned gals.

    Body: Nice firm C-Cups. Unsure if natural or not but was soft to touch. Has some tummy fat but otherwise very curvy. VERY nice ass for pounding. Trimmed down south.

    Shower: SOP

    BBJ: EXCELLENT. Not only can she deepthroat but she also sucks in the balls and the sound effects of slurping and sucking while she looks at you is simply AMAZING. She also concentrates on your sensitive areas and alternates between that spot to deepthroating to ball licking. Will also lick around the groin area teasingly before going for your lil bro.

    Frenching. Good tongue fighter. She will initiate when you go near her lips.

    FJ: First half, she took control. No KY needed, slipped in cowgirl style and her grinding is awesome before moving on to missionary. Her moans feel real and with the schlk and piak piak sounds, first shot went off.

    She massaged me before going on to second half. Went on top of her and gave a soft facefuck then a tittyfuck before caps on. Went missionary then doggy then standing doggy. Her ass wiggling after each pound is a sight to see.

    All in all, a great first blood. Good service with a willingness to please.
    Thank You For The FR On Gigi.
    Bro SK.

    Quote Originally Posted by Naglene View Post
    Tried 2nd blood for Ann Teeruklover

    Face: 8.5/10 Sweet SYT type of face which grows over the session. I think OKT should change the pics as it does not do her justice.
    Skin: 8/10 Normal thai tan skin tone with multiple tattoos.
    Body: 8.5/10 As i mentioned tattoos and her natural 'B' cup boobs which matches her slim body.
    French: 9/10 DFK wet and we kiss like long lost lovers. totally into it as i'm a frenching person.
    Lovehole: 8.5/10 Natural wet and warm. Finger and licking no issue. Pretty sensitive. Jeez.
    Catbath: 8.5/10 Sucking and soft licking of nips makes me high and mari kita very soon and she went down with the to blow my lil bro.
    BBBJ: 9/10 Good sucking wet BBBJ with lots of tongue action in between. slurping BBBJ which almost make me CIM but i ask her to stop.
    Action: 8.5/10 Started off with her riding on top of me and changed several positions in between. very initiative of her on this. stamina pretty good too.
    GFE: 7.5/10 She can speak minimal english so G translator is needed. She seems to be abit shy and blur but it's pretty ok for me. After 1st shot everything seem to be back to normal. Need time to warm up. Offered a massage and 2nd shot went smoothly well as she was initiative.

    RTF: Maybe. Too many selections from this stable. Located in east which is quite convenient for me. OKT response fast and detailed.

    Thanks for reading and hope it will help bonkers in dome 1 make a better decision.
    Thank You For The FR On Nana.
    Bro SK.

    Quote Originally Posted by khazha View Post
    This is my 1st time visiting Teeruk stable and i would say direction communication from bro SK is clear and good.
    This is a true FR for last sunday visit for Gibzy.

    I am sharing this for bros who are waiting for FR behind their coms. And its weekends soon!

    My results maybe different from other bros but I can assure she has the thai tan looks with slim body, with D cup which does not matter to me. And bros would not regret if you want a slim tan girl.

    Her attractiveness grows and is a hard working lady

    Tan skin, 7/10
    Back tattoos.
    Slim with minimal cute tummy fats.

    Looks: 7/10 ( 70% resemblance ) slightly thai tan than in pics
    Body: 8/10 ( slim d cup, for boob lovers)
    BJ: 8/10 ( good suctionr)
    FJ: 8/10 ( She really follow your desires on the position you wanted )

    Would not proceed more to action as I think the looks and the physical build of her is more important at first glance.

    Actions for FJ you won't regret.
    Thank You For The FR On Gibzy.
    Bro SK.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Spriteeee View Post
    FR for Nana from TRL

    Firstly thaNks to Bro SK who was prompt in replying and secured a slot nana. Booked the earliest slot so when I arrived at the location had to wait awhile outside the door before being let in as the girl just woke up hahaha. First impression was good as she was friendly and held my hand into the room. Looks are 70% similar to the pictures maybe because she just woke up with zero make up. However she still looked pretty. Went ahead and took a shower together. Her attitude was really friendly and we hit it off straight away. Her English is ok but I mostly spoke Thai to her so wasn't a problem for me. Her figure is really sexy with a nice ass. Boobs were small Bs but proportionate to her frame. Skin was slightly tan like the typical Thai tan. We proceeded back into the room after showering and laid on the bed. She gave me a short massage but she admitted she don't know how to massage but it was still actually quite good. Haha. She laid down beside me and we cuddled while chatting. As we got closer and closer midway through talking she gave me a kiss on the lips and it sparked off a tongue fight. She was really into the kiss and started stroking my little bro. I reciprocated by slowly moving down south and was pleasantly surprised to find that she's alr wet. Continued using my fingers to stroke her thigh and played with her clit. She went crazy and was really high once I started playing with her clit. She held on to my bro really hard at one point and for a moment I was worried she was going to put it into her pussy raw hahaha. Couldn't take it anymore and once she asked me condom? Mai tu Liao caps on and action began. Started with missionary and switched over to cow boy after. Man I love the way she rode on me and her moans were music to my ears. Can tell she wasn't faking it and that she really enjoys sex. Came shortly after and we both collapse on the bed panting. Took awhile before we recovered and went to wash up. Came back onto the bed and cuddled awhile before I left.

    Overall it was one of the best sesssion I've had so far and her service and attitude is top notched. GFE definitely gao gao and I never once felt like I was a customer. Looks wise will grow on you after awhile and body is great with no tummy. Will rtf if I have the chance for sure! Please treat her well and she will return the favor 😀
    Thank You For The FR On Nana.
    Bro SK.

    Quote Originally Posted by icceer View Post
    Tried Ning of TeeruK.

    She is around 80% of the pics.
    All stats of her are real.

    Bath is SOP, proceeded to the room for the action
    BbbJ is very good, bedroom action is even better.
    Very accommodating to various positions.
    French like no tomorrow.

    RTF: why not? One of the better FL I've encountered.
    Thank You For The FR On Ning.
    Bro SK.

    Quote Originally Posted by papam View Post
    Ann from Teeruklover99

    Discreet and nice room with shared bathroom.

    Looks is 85/100 as same to pic advertised.

    Body is thai tan with some tattoos. does not affect me. service more impt. Petite slim type.

    Frenching is allowed and and it's willing unlike some FL's half hearted..

    Fingering and painting on clit is allowed with good soft moans.. Natural wet with non stop juices flowing.

    Catbath ok nothing much over her. focus on nipple and chest. great soft suction.

    BBBJ was good with tongue over the head and shaft with great suction in between. CIM-able standard if you do not stop.

    Bed action was good with mutiple positions changing in between no KY needed good enough with just condom and her natural juices. during thrusting the sound due to the wetness was loud and clear.

    GFE she can barely speak english so google translator would be a good tool to use. Nontheless she still takes care of me very well and always smiling attitude. during rest time will offer massage and hold your hand.

    RTF Maybe because the stable have too many alternative choices to offer for me to try out.

    Bro SK response was quick and fast so no hassle during booking.
    Thank You For The FR On Ann.
    Bro SK.

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    Quote Originally Posted by peiyee80 View Post
    Ning from Teeruk lover

    Was late but bro help me keep t appointment.

    70% of pic. Thai tan. Braces. Tall. 165 cm, trim body with no fat. She is attractive. Couple of small tatts at back shoulder.

    Shower. Sop
    After in room. Pay money. Then action begins. She is like a gf. Non commercial. Happy and friendly. Basic english but professor in french.

    Catbath: started with french then made her way down
    Bj: awesome. With braces but can't feel.
    Ar: had to tell her to stop. Great n deep!
    Fj: tight. Various positions. Finished in missionary. Moans r sweet. Not commando type. Will french during t deed.

    Overall. Great session. No rtf as there are many more to try! Saw May on t way hot. Pretty. N sharoe features. But a bit too dark for my liking.
    Thank You For The FR On Ning.
    Bro SK.

    Quote Originally Posted by jaslim_87 View Post
    Teeruklover Ann

    Slim syt with superb skin and body.

    Shaved and freaking tight.

    Best part, super bubbly personality. Not so much of a "teh" gfe but like your fb who you can communicate well with. Speaks Thai only though.. English was hard to start a good conversation.
    Thank You For The FR On Ann.
    Bro SK.

    Quote Originally Posted by AmeShin View Post
    Teeruklover. Macy

    Picture is accurate.

    Looks 7/10
    Boobs 6/10 small not for boobs lovers
    Bj 7/10 hardworking
    Fj 7/10 accomodative
    Attitude 8/10
    She allows me to french her alot

    She gives a very nice gfe feel.
    Got some innocence and syt look
    Thank You For The FR On Macy.
    Bro SK.

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    Quote Originally Posted by hypocritism View Post
    Too long haven't write FR, tried Som on ytd aftrnn.

    Look (most of time photo app makes the gals looks better, in her case opposite and makes her looks abit like ladyboy or Transgender, even asked bro 4-5 times to cnfrm not) Looks wise more accuracy will be 3rd photo showing body length, earlier twenties, less sharp minah milf looking with braces.

    Body, 1.7M tall, smooth slim figure. Usual Thai tanned. Modified Boobs but quite soft to squeeze from 1+ year of massaging. Some cellulose skin marks around lower abdominal either from liposuction, but a tattoo across lower abdominal concealing surgery mark suggest otherwise, + when sucking hard at boobs u can actually still drink abit, thats how assuring she is 100% female.

    Service wise quite good consider her occupation back home. Catbath, Frenching, Painting, fingering, BBBJ all can and automatic. Gets wet easily. FJ with quite some stamina thou not commando. Easy to comm as her english above average Thai FL, quite enthusiastic will play and joke along.

    Selling point will be her semi deep throat BBBJ. Dunno whats her trick of doing it but seldom do I choose CIM instead cumming during pumping but this time I did.

    RTF ... saw her other roommate as both was there standing when door opened, very contemplating to choose her roommate as she is more my type, maybe next time
    Thank You For The FR On Som.
    Bro SK.

    Quote Originally Posted by gorb View Post
    Ning- TRL

    Look same as photo just not so smooth complexion.she is from issan and quite fair if compare to may(which i happened to see her on the way)
    Big boobs although upgraded but feel soft to squeeze
    Was worried about her performance after a previous fr on her but turn out She is friendly and accommodating.

    Most importantly is she is a tongue frencher. I skipped cathbath and bbbj as usual and service her instead.

    She response by moans and body twisting show she enjoy being painted.

    Initially i only wanted 1 shot as going to jb later and ask her to massage but after awhile while we were sleeping i was woken up by her movement i thought she having bad dream so comfort her by planting small kissing on her.that start the 2nd shot as she return fierce frenching.

    Overall a good session for me.
    RTF usually not for me.

    Thank you.
    Thank You For The FR On Ning.
    Bro SK.

    Quote Originally Posted by jacknat View Post
    Looks: 9/10 (looks will grow on you)
    Boobs: 10/10 (natural B. perfect proportion for her body
    Body: 10/10 (perfectly shaped body. see to believe)
    BBBJ: 11/10 (extremely skillful. CIM-ed)
    FJ: 8/10 (think my dick was too big. she had some pain and couldnt do much)
    AJ: 10/10 (went for AJ instead. tight and she went crazy)
    GFE: 10/10 (beware of KC)

    Her figure is superb. All natural and you will be very impressed with her superb service!
    Thank You For The FR On Nana.
    Bro SK.

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    Dated: 18 Jan 2017
    Time: 1730hrs
    Girl: Fon

    Look: Above average
    Breast: Big
    BBBJ: 8/10
    Body: Sexy
    FJ: Nice
    Aj: Fantastic
    Attitude: GF
    RTF: Of coz

    Only thing bad is the bed, not in good condition.




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